Big Sis is watching you.
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What should I be doing to protect myself from my crazy sister?

My sister, L, has a long history of lying, stealing, and forgery. A few months ago she (somehow) gave a traffic officer one of my other sibling's information when she was stopped for a violation. (Don't ask me how she gets away with this stuff, I really don't know.) As she has clearly forged prescriptions in both my mother's and sibling's names as well as various aliases, I am beginning to wonder if she may have used my name at some point too. I have not been 'tipped off' by anything odd. I just want to stay ahead of her. So MeFi, what other than my credit report should/can I check to keep tabs on my identity and good name. Tia.
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This page from Consumerist is a pretty good starting point.
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Is there any way you can check up on your medical insurance? If she's forging prescriptions is it possible that she got her hands on your medical card? She could be seeing the doctor and just paying the deductible then leaving with a prescription in your name. I know a lot of doctors will also hand out samples, so she wouldn't even necessarily need a prescription. It's not like the doctor's office asks for ID when they ask for your insurance card. Even if you have your card, could she have gotten her hands on one of the old ones? I don't have any experience with this, I just know how it is with the doctors I've been to.
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Thanks for the link, very helpful ajr.

TooFewShoes I don't have insurance, and haven't for years, so she can't be using that route but it is a good thought.
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Get a tattoo that she doesn't know about. My uncle was a similar sort, and my dad got arrested one night because the uncle had given my dad's info on a signature bond. He only had to sit in jail for a couple of hours until the police were able to verify that my uncle had a scar and my dad didn't.
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