1, 2, 3, 4 - I can't find the house numbers I'm looking for!
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White porcelain tile house numbers - is there a source that isn't Rejuvenation?

I'm trying to find a four-tile house address set that looks like these from Rejuvenation. But, man - $64 for some 2x3 tiles and a stainless frame is steep. Finding a less expensive alternative (any alternative actually) feels like it should be easier than it has been. At least half the houses in our (1910's-1930's) neighborhood have them. Most are original, I assume, but I feel like that means there should be at least a little online competition for replacements.
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Response by poster: That Rejuvenation page is loading incredibly slowly - here's a different link, plus a photo of the kind of number tiles I'm referring to.
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Here is one from another company, but it is still $50.

Google seems to bring up several possibilities.
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These are really easy to make yourself, if you're into it on any level. Mail me if you want some guidance.

Otherwise, monkeytoes seems to have found a good source...
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Check an architectural salvage / "rebuilding" place?
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That exact style of number tiles is unique to Portland, Oregon -- they were distributed during a "great renumbering" and renaming of many streets in the city in 1931 -- so it's not surprising that Rejuvenation, a local company, carries them. No surprise that they're expensive either, since I imagine few people elsewhere are particularly interested in that style.
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One of your neighbors (I assume) has more here, with pix of original number tiles. She also writes:

"All that shopping had made us thirsty, so we stopped at Fat Straw for pearl milk tea. After that, we biked down to Hippo Hardware where we finally got that "cold" knob for our shower. We could've gotten a set of replacement knobs at Rejuvenation, but Hippo seems more authentic, and the wacky guy who hangs around the plumbing section agreed to sell us only the "cold" knob (for half price) instead of the whole set. They're good people. We also found out that we can buy replacement Old Portland house numbers from them, which is good, since our "2" is cracked." (My bold.)

Good luck!
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I've been looking for the exact same plain black on white 2" x 3" ceramic tiles for my suburban Chicago prairie-style house for years and had only found them at Rejuvenation and still haven't ponied up the $54 for 3 numbers. Will try the 2 Portland Hardware stores, via MonkeyToes.
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