Can this iPod Nano be saved?
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If it ain't broke - don't fix it was my motto when it came to my banged up, well used/loved 2nd Gen. Nano (4gb) - it served its purpose perfectly. But, now it IS broken... sort of.

The dilemma -- something is wrong internally: when I plug my ear buds in I only get sound in one ear piece. If I wrangle and twist the connector a bit, it will flicker sound into both... and then return to playing in one. I have tried 4 different sets of earphones - the same problem occurs in each instance.

Have I finally worn my Nano out? Is this a problem that can be fixed for less than the price of a new unit? This Nano has no other problems whatsoever - even the battery is still kicking butt. Do I get it repaired, or break down and buy a new model?
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You've probably got some collected at the bottom of the jack. I've never done this fix myself, so I don't have personal recommendations, but if you google "ipod lint" or "iphone lint" you find a ton of results. Like this one suggesting compressed air:
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And if it's not lint then you've just damaged the headphone jack and it needs replacing. You can buy a kit and do it yourself if you feel game or send it away to be fixed. How much that will cost and if it's worth it depends on where you are so do some googling for ipod headphone jack repair or similar.

This is classic headphone jack symptoms btw, I'd bet money that's what you've done (had the same problem myself a couple of times).
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If it plays fine when you have it docked to your computer (or iHome type device), it's definitely the earphone jack.
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If you decide to replace it, if you recycle your old one at the Apple store they'll give you 10% off a new one.
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Problem solved: iPod lint it was! - Thanks all for your input, I am ready for battle come the next bump in the road between technology and my problem solving skills! Also, so glad to know that when I finally do wear out this Nano - I get to recycle it and save $ at the same time!
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