Where to eat tonight in Asheville?
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Where to eat tonight in Asheville? Not GP Inn, not too exotic.
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Whenever I'm in Asheville, I stop at Mellow Mushroom for a calzone.
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What is your definition of exotic? Sitting on the floor eating with your hands at an iranian restaurant, or mexican?

Ugh, mellow mushroom sucks! Sorry,

For some of the best carribean: Salsa- FANTASTIC
Tapas: Zambra's
Italian: Savoy- expensive, but one of the best meals I've had
Never had dinner here, but brunch is pretty good: Table
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I love Salsa! Every trip to Asheville requires one night there eating something involving pork and mango or chicken and papaya or etc. Zambra's would be my next thought--tapas is very fun and they have a gigantic menu of more or less authentic tapas.
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Lots of open-air cafes downtown. Early Girl Eatery has good southern food. If you're not downtown, the Lucky Otter has good mexican and a pretty good beer selection if I remember correctly.
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Thanks all! Savoy is coming up from several sources, so we're going to try it.
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Oops. Good luck. Savoy is something else now.
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Where ever you go, check out French Broad Chocolate Lounge for dessert. They have lots of desserts, beer/wine, open late and free wi-fi.
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Thirding a recommendation for Salsa on Patton Avenue.
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nthing Salsa/Zambra, but also Bouchon, which is open Sunday evenings, no reservations, wait for a table. If you were thinking Italian and don't want to try the downscaled ex-Savoy, Cucina24 is downtown.
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Hey, Barack, I hope you and the family are enjoying Asheville like we did a year and a half ago. We had a good meal at Mela and we recommend that, but Mellow Mushroom managed to screw up orders on two different nights in our pretty short stay, and what they did produce was not good enough to overcome that.
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Yes, Savoy is closed. It's now Vinnie's.
We opted for Bouchon and loved it.

Tonight we need to make another choice, so if anyone out there is still tuning in, please send suggestions.

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