Virtual real-time blackboard?
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How do I make videos like the ones at (i.e., real-time voice and free-hand virtual blackboard with colors?) Windows suggestions and Mac suggestions and hardware suggestions, please! (I understand he's doing all sorts of analytics and javascript stuff, but I'm just interested in the screencasting workflow basics.)
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He draws the diagrams in MS Paint. Not sure which free screencasting tool he uses.

As for the rest of it, a simple gaming headset or microphone + headphones combination with an ordinary sound card is more than sufficient to record this type of lecture.
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He says he's using Camtasia Recorder, SmoothDraw 2.0, and a Wacom graphic pen tablet.
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He draws the diagrams in MS Paint.

Wow, no wonder nothing was coming up in Google. Thank you.
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Nevermind, on preview.
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