None of my browsers will access these two specific sites any more. They're not listed in HOSTS and I have no spyware.
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I cannot access or It just doesn't work. Other websites work fine, my hosts file contains nothing that would cause this, I have no blocking software, I have no spyware, and these two web sites are not down.

I have been able to access both in the past, but for whatever reason they just stopped working. Ideas? I'm running Mozilla 1.7.1 on Windows XP SP2, but I have the same problem with Internet Explorer.
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Try doing an nslookup on one of the sites by opening a command prompt window and typing "nslookup [site name]". Do you receive an IP address for it or do you receive an error?

You might see if you can try an alternate DNS server. A while back I had this problem with a Web site I visit occasionally. In my case, the DNS server returned the wrong IP address (my friend who could load the Web site received a different IP address from his DNS server).
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You'll find some good ideas in this thread which began with me having a similar problem.
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rhiannon: I get IPs. For, it's and gives me
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I had the same issue a while back and it was an issue with my ISP's DNS. I reset my connection through my modem (not just resetting the modem, resetting the connection itself) and that took care of it.
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hmm I get for (but for and for
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I tried some alternate DNS servers. No luck.
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Yes, my mistake. I get for and for

So it looks like we're getting the same IPs.
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So, can you get to them via IP? Can you ping that IP? If not, run a tracert and see where it stops.
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Accessing the sites via IP doesn't work either. falls into "Request timed out" land after this:
19 84 ms 84 ms 83 ms [
] suffers the same fate after this:
20 72 ms 74 ms 71 ms [

If you want the full traceroute that can be arranged...
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Had the same problem with one particular site. I contacted my ISP and they provided me with a proxy server which I changed in tools/internet options. Problem solved (but not explained).
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Do you have the ability to do this from an alternate computer at your site? Any friends with a laptop that can plug in where you are and try the same thing? It's important here to determine whether you are dealing with a local problem or not.
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Perhaps it should be noted that I am using a router. But I never told it to block anything and a check of all settings reveals nothing that should be blocking these sites.

Comcast technical support is unhelpful.
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I assume you're not using peer guardian?
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(if you are, turn it off and try connecting)
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corrupt cache? does it work via another browser?
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er - sorry, I see now that IE does the same.
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Did you try a tracert?
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Totally off topic, I'm sure, but why are you trying to get to I ask only cause I'm currently a student there...
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I assume you've already tried plugging your computer directly to the cable modem?
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I'm with MostHolyPorcine on the off-topicness. I am an alum.
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Here are several things to try:

1) Like gyc suggested, eliminate the router and plug the cable modem directly into your computer for a little while to see if the router is causing problems.
2) Make sure that the XP SP2 firewall is turned off. This can cause odd problems sometimes.
3) Make sure that you don't have other firewall software installed on the machine. If you do, disable it temporarily (or permanently, you've got a hardware firewall after all) and run some tests
4) Pull up a command prompt and do a "telnet 80". (telnet space space 80) Do you get a black screen? If so, type "GET" and hit return. If you get a black screen, then you are getting a connection on port 80 to the web server outside of web browsers, which would indicate to me that you've got some kind of issue with your browser software, probably spyware or some other annoyance. This is a very basic connection into the www port on the web server, avoiding all web browser software and related issues. I don't trust ping and tracert myself, because you are using ICMP instead of TCP, so any router/firewall along the way can treat those packets significantly differently and give you unexpected results.
5) Have you run spybot search & destroy? You may have some nasty spyware on your machine that has added something weird to your network stack, and it's doing something unexpected when you try to access those web sites.
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I'm with the ooooo guy and Holy Porcine. I live a stone's throw from the campus, in Lake O, and 99.9% of my neighbors are students at the law school.
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They could have blocked your ip address. If they think you're a spammer or a bot or you just shouldn't be able to view the site (e.g. you're accessing the site from 1980's Soviet Russia) then you may not be able to get access.

Try plugging a different computer into the same network point. If you get the same error, then it's not you, it's your IP address.

I notice that I (and other sites) can't access, so I don't think this is accessable from anywhere. concentrate your traceroutes to and report back what response you get.
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Actually, I can access, I just can't ping it.
Try pinging or tracert-ing instead.
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Pioneer power! Alums represent.

(sorry, I just saw others had chimed in there.)
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Check your router MTU.

On DSL, mine is 1492. I had a similar problem to yours a while back, and I finally isolated it as a MTU problem.
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I get problems like that semi-regularly and it's always fixed by rebooting my router.
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Well, add and to the list of inexplicably inaccessable sites.

I just tried plugging my computer directly into the router and now I can get to all the formerly inaccessable sites. But I need the router. Now what?
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