Well, you could just drink it
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So, I have about 30 cups of brewed spiced tea (Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chai to be precise) leftover from a gathering at my house today. It was made in a percolator and is on the strong side and is sitting in a pitcher in the fridge awaiting its fate. Besides hydrating for the next few days with homemade iced chai lattes (not the worst thing in the world), are there any good uses for this?
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Freeze it in ice cube trays, bag the cubes. Pop them in your next iced drink.
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Got a big stockpot? Reduce some of it either with sugar (to make syrup) or without sugar (to make tea concentrate/extract). Flavor baked goods (or boring-er drinks), drizzle over ice cream, stir into yogurt, reconstitute it when thirsty and lazy... the list goes on. :-)
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Mix with gelatin and sweetener for tasty tea jello! Even better, freeze the gelatinized tea for frozen pops.
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There are lots of recipes for spiced tea muffins/cakes/breads, and most of them only use a cup or so of tea per batch, but it's a good excuse if you like to bake! Here are a few I found: Coconut Chai Breakfast Cake, Chai Tea Breakfast Marathon Muffins, and Chai Latte Muffins.
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After folowing all the better advice above, use any left over to water your plants.
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Bara Brith uses tea-soaked fruit, and since the cake is supposed to be spiced anyway your spiced tea should work a treat.
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You can die clothes with tea. At least when the spoils of shipwrecked boats washed up on the Blaskets, western isles of Ireland, local women who knitted cardigans out of sheep-wool started to die them tea-colored.
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Vanilla Chai granita. Basic granita recipe.
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Soak your feet in it? Supposed to reduce odor. Just don't drink it afterwards.
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Thanks everyone! After a few chai lattes, the granita idea will be given a go.
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