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I am looking to rent a single family house in Richmond,VA. Other than craigslist are there any good websites for finding such a thing? Should I be going through a Realtor? Would I have to pay a fee or would the home owner be paying the Realtor to fill the place?

Please share your experiences even if you are not in Richmond but have dealt with a similar situation in an urban setting...
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I am not in Richmond, VA but I rent houses. The renter pays for background check, a deposit and 1st month rent. The Rental company handles it for me and a percentage is taken from the rent collected. No fee is paid by the renter to the rental company.
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If you use a realtor to find a rental, I believe that the only fees you will pay as a renter are your deposits and monthly rent. Realty companies get money from the landlord/owner of the property.

As for rentals in Richmond, try these:
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Jenny, thanks for the links, but I have already been through all of those. Mostly apartment complexes, dumps, or uber expensive homes.

Jay, That was exactly what I was wondering.

Anyone have any good recommendations for Realtors?

We are looking for a 2 br single family home with in the city limits of Richmond- not the county.

Any good websites are still appreciated.
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I live in Richmond and I've lived here my whole life. In my experience, most decent houses are usually rented through private owners and not through rental companies. I don't know if it's feasible, but the best way to find a house for rent is to drive through neighborhoods and look for rent signs in the yard. Tons of houses for rent aren't listed on the internet or in the paper. I can give you lots more information if you want with suggestions on where to live if you tell me exactly what you're looking for and in what price range.
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Oh I meant to say feel free to memail me if you want certain details kept private.
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Mary- That is what I figured... But in case you have any ideas- We are looking for a 2br single family that allows cats for $900 max per month. We found the perfect place over by Maymont- but the timing is not going to work out. We are looking for something with in a tree filled quiet neighborhood.
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Did you check You can search for rentals there, too.

Long and Foster, Century 21 and ReMax are larger realty companies that have a good reputation in the area. William E. Wood is good, too.

Also, there may be something in the Times Dispatch classifieds.
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924 Pierpont Road - $825, 3BR, 1BA

730 Mcdowell Road - $750, 3BR, 1.5 BA
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Thanks jenny! Those are both in south side. Too far for our commute to work.
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Honestly, $900 max a month isn't going to get you much. And if you do find a decent house, it's not going to be in a good location. There are some parts of Maymont that I wouldn't want to live in. Do you have any experience with Richmond City?
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Are you commuting by car or bike?
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By car. I have lived in the fan for 3 years.
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Have you tried looking in the Malvern area or Northside?
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