Please, Jackson, keep my mind off my troubles.
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What should I do, see and eat in the evenings in Jackson MS during the week (on and off for the next few months).

So, I am going to be spending about one out of every three weeks in Jackson, MS for the next couple months. What needs my attention in the evenings?

I tried Julep and it as pretty good.
I tried the Big Apple Inn's pig ear sandwiches. I loved 'em.
I'll eat anything and go anywhere.

What are your ideas?
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Best answer: Fried dill pickles. There are lots of places that serve them, whether you're willing to go out to Robinsonville for the originals (Hollywood Cafe), or at the Cock of the Walk near the reservoir. I believe they've expanded that restaurant into a chain, but it's still a fun place for catfish and sweet tea.
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Best answer: Pizza Shack!
On State St. - Across from Baptist Hospital. Ask for Mike or Larry and tell 'em Ben from New Hampshire sent you!

Also, try George St. Grocery (on George St.).

Last, but not least, make it to Hal & Mal's on Commerce St. (Wednesday night used to be Bluegrass music).

I'll add more if I think of them.
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Best answer: It might be worthwhile to say what kind of a place you're coming from.

If you're flying in from California then you'll want to try a crawfish poboy from Penn's Fish House on highway 80 in Clinton.

If you're coming from a small town in Tennessee then you might be more interested in something like the Thai House.

Either way, I'll always second a suggestion for fried dill pickles.
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Response by poster: I'm coming from Austin, Texas but I have no limitations. I'll be spending some serious time in Jackson, so anything that is good is welcome. I can get passable Indian, Thai, and assorted other Asian cuisines here, but I do not intend to compare anything in Jackson to anything from home. I just want good food, good times or interesting experiences.

Cock-of-the-Walk is on my list.
Fried pickles I miss. Definitely on the list.

I busted U-turn in the Hal & Mal parking lot and was intrigued. Promises of bluegrass are making me giddy.

Anyone have preferences for tamales?
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Best answer: I haven't lived there in a while, but the mayflower and two sisters cafe (?), both somewhere downtown, were enjoyable.
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Best answer: You're a little bit too far north to be on the real Mississippi tamale trail, but you could try Tony's Tamales for some good eats.
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Best answer: Oh dear please keep going back to Julep for me, that place is fantastic. What did you get? I had the salad with the strawberry and walnuts and cheese, and the portabello fries, followed by Banana Foster cheesecake. The salad was so good I almost regret having dessert, but the cheesecake was worth it.

Two Sisters is indeed still around, but it seems to be lunch only, so I missed it while there.
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Best answer: Life-long Jackson resident here. Let's see if I can help.

(If you have specific requests or suggestions, let me know here or MeMail.)

1. You mentioned Julep - up north in Ridgeland (Renaissance mall) is the sister restaurant, Mint. A little fancier, little more expensive. Nice bar. But small location, gets loud quickly.

2. Re: fried dill pickles, Que Sera also makes a good batch. That's downtown-ish, in the Fondren area. All things equal, I could eat at Que Sera every day. Good sandwiches, love the shrimp poboy, good Cajun-type stuff.

3. Hal and Mals is good if you're downtown, but I find the food and service can be at times very hit and miss.

4. Thai House...yes, very much yes.

5. Tamales are best when homemade, or go through the Delta. Jackson-wise, Hal and Mals are decent. Walkers, while fancy, is very good for tamales appetizer.

6. Some other places Mrs. Writer and I frequent - you can find their sites easily, or hop onto Yelp.

* Bravo! - contemporary Italian, in North East Jackson - Highland Village mall.

* Majestic Burger - NE Jackson, up a bit from Bravo!. I think this is the best burger in town.

* Cherokee Drive In - dive bar, good sloppy, messy food. Awesome blue plate specials; Thursday is their famous roast beef day...get there early! It's located right by Thai House.

* Walkers - mentioned above, is THE place for seafood in fancy setting. Nice bar, too. In Fondren.

* Nicks - used to be the facncy, three-martini, business dinner place, but has since moved to Fondren (see a pattern?). However, food and service have seemed to have dropped.

* Broad Street - good breakfast, good lunch and dinner. Deli-esque.

* Sal & Mookies - downtown, near Que Sera. Great pizza, ice cream, nice bar, called Pi(e) Lounge

* Sushi - I like Nagoya, up in NE Jackson, and yes, it's by the Target. Don't let it fool you.
* BBQ - only real recommendation is out in the country. Supposedly some good places in downtown, but can't vouch for them.

* Soul food / Southern - yes to Two Sisters, but can't get crowded. Plus, I don't think they have many selections. Lots of other soul food places to track down.

Here are three food-based local websites that might help you out:

Cynical Cook

Carpe Jackson

Asian in a Strange Land

Jackson Free Press
- covers food and does yearly Best Of-type lists.
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