Lisbon sights and activities?
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So I find myself unexpectedly in Lisbon for at least a day, and very likely for longer (thanks volcano!). What should I not miss while here?
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Well, being the weekend, you should go to one of the fado restaurants in the Alfama and get treated to some nice food, great music, and usually friendly customers. I went to a fantastic little one called A Baiuca. Because I was traveling alone (thanks, work!) I was seated with the singers and the "regular" guests, and was even offered a ride home at the end of the evening. Call ahead of time as this is a dinner that starts on a schedule.

The iron elevator is really cool, as is the old castle/ruin area at the top of the hill in town (I am bad with names, but it's pretty obvious). Mostly, Lisbon is just a fabulous town to walk around in. If you get delayed another day, go to the Monastery up Belem way. Before going to the Carriage museum (it's either cheap or included with the Monastery ticket, and is worth it anyway), bet some of the famous pasteis de Belem. You'll know THE bakery when you walk by, because it is large, blue, and full of people.

You could have picked much worse places to be "stuck" for a couple days!
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The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Belem is fantastic and not to be missed, and whatzit is right about the pasteis de Belem as well.

Lisbon is a great city to just wander around in. Take one of the funiculars up the hills and take in the views. If the volcano persists, consider a day trip to Sintra, and check out the crazy Palacio da Pena as well as the Castelo dos Mouros and the Palacio Nacional.
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I'm a boat nerd so I really enjoyed the maritime museum - a lot of it is glass cases of boat models, but there is a huge courtyard of actual boats as well.

I don't recall the name, but from the Lisbon waterfront there was a fairly ramshackle ferry that took one across the harbour - one of the places it stopped was a tiny, rustic little fishing village. 30 minute ferry ride maybe and back in time two centuries. Had a beer in a tiny cafe with velos outside and then picked up the ferry next time around - it ran once an hour or so. Cheap and like seeing a bit of Portugese small town (village, really) life without any muss or fuss or trains/cars.
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Take the train (2euros?) out to Cascais and wander the beach town. Take a bus from there to Guincho beach.
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Take the train out to Sintra and spend a day walking around the castle and palace, and palace grounds. Belem is close by, too, and although a bit thronged it's quite attractive; you can tram or walk back to the Monument to Discoveries, and the Torre de Belem. It's nice and peaceful down along the river.
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Thanks all! Fado restaurant for dinner tonight after a walk around the Alfama, then possibly a day trip to Sentra/ Belem tomorrow. Lisbon is an absolutely lovely city from what I've seen so far.
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