Travelling to Peru without any Spanish skill, OK?
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How much Spanish do I need to visit the Manu Wildlife Center in Peru?

I am pondering taking a trip this July to the Manu wildlife center (probably booking via REI Adventures) in Peru.

How much Spanish language skill is needed to navigate the airport at entry/exit and the center itself?

Current Spanish skill: a few bits of highschool spanish from twenty years ago. Horrible and useless.

I am (or was, in the mists of time, prior to around age 30) an extremely quick study with languages -- if I had to, I could probably learn minimal Spanish in the next 60 days or so, but having recently started a new job, I'm very short on time so it is very tricky and unlikely.
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Not much Spanish, at least with the group I went with (Expediciones Manu). Have a blast!
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You'll be fine. And you may be surprised at how much of that "horrible and useless" highschool Spanish from 20 yrs ago comes back to you. If you must, just skim over a little Spanish phrasebook while on the plane, but really I don't think it's necessary. Have a wonderful trip!!
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I don't know about ManĂº but I've been through Lima airport a number of times and (as far as I observed) all the staff there spoke English. And there were English speaking tour guides at all the major tourist attractions I've visited in Peru (some of which were considerably less major than ManĂº).

So yeah, you'll be fine without Spanish unless you want to get away from the tourist attractions, in which case you'll find a little Spanish goes a long way.
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When we went to Peru last year, my wife often remarked how understandable Peruvian Spanish was. Apparently the country is known for speaking relatively slowly and clearly. I only speak some French and Italian and I was often able to keep up with what was said.
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Thanks much.
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