I'm looking for vegan-friendly cooking recipes that includes marijuana.
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I'm looking for vegan-friendly cooking recipes that includes marijuana.

I'm struggling to find vegan-friendly cooking recipes that include marijuana. I know basic recipes with marijuana, but they all have dairy products in it. So I'm basically wondering are there any recipes you guys know?
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you can make marijuana vegetable/olive oil and sub it for regular oil in anything
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I'm allergic to dairy and I make a good "special" tea using soy milk, a squirt of canola oil (you can't taste it), flavoured tea, and sugar. Boil it all together with the marijuana and it's surprisingly delicious and will give you a kick in about half an hour.
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fat soluble is fat soluble - so ad4pt is right - cook it in oil like you'd cook it in butter. use it in any recipe that uses oil. make sure you know dosage, and keep in mind that the flavor is rather strong, so don't make it into something you have to eat a lot of to get where you're going. maybe something like carob cake. double carob chip cookies with cashews would also be good.
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firecrackers are very effective, sometimes too much so. not exactly a recipe.....
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It works well in things with tomato sauce. Pizza or spaghetti - just leave out the cheese, or use soy cheese or something.

(Watch your quantities - its easy to eat far too much special pizza and then spend the next 4 hours staring at a clock, wondering why even though you are sure 20 minutes has gone by, the clock is only showing 2 minutes. Um, not that that happened to anyone I know, or anything....)
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Just exchange butter and milk for margarine and soymilk. It'll be fine.
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if nothing passes the test for you, there's ancient organics ghee, what we use instead of butter in our veg household. that could help. knowing the dairy comes from straus is what's made me ok with supporting it. sorry if that's insulting or ignorant, it's just that some people have different thresholds for veganism than others.
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if you are baking - exchanging milk for soy milk will not be just fine. it might work, but it also might really not. also - when substituting margarine for butter, you need to watch things like the water content in margarine.

here's a discussion on substituting margarine for butter. keep in mind that you're (i'm guessing) cooking the marijuana down in fat (margarine or oil) so you'll want to measure the post strained fat - after you've already cooked the marijuana in.
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Ghee is by definition not vegan regardless of what your threshold is, and regardless of where it comes from. It's like saying that fish or chicken is vegetarian.
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Thanks for the comments - much appreciated!
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