How to combine TV signals?
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How can I input both the cable TV signal and the broadcast TV signal to my digital TV?

I pay for Comcast internet service only (not TV service), but as you might expect there are many un-blocked stations that still come through if I hook the cable to the TV. I also get great broadcast DTV reception with an internal antenna I made by following this video.

So, how can I combine the two signals?

My Sharp LC32D43U TV has only one coax antenna input, and several other composite or HDMI inputs. I have an Onkyo receiver with several other inputs, including s-video, but it does not include a TV tuner. Is this possible without a large (>$100) investment in more AV equipment?

Oh, I also have a computer hooked to the TV via VGA. Maybe a PCI tuner card would work?
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Get an A/B coax switch. Some are manual, some can be remote controlled. I think Radio Shack carries them.
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You'll probably have to manually program all the stations into the TV, then switch back and forth depending on the channel(s) you want to watch.
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