Help Get Us Out of Restaurant Rut in Boston!
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Just trying to get out of a dining out rut. Any great casual none-too-pricey restaurants in the Boston area (preferably around Waltham/Lexington for me and my kids? Me and the kids are fans of Chinese, Italian, American, pretty much anything but Indian. If you know the area, we love Capitol Grille, Redbones, Santarpio's, Wagamama, Upper Crust Pizza, Legal's, Summer Shack, Watch City Brewery.
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The last time I was in Boston, I really enjoyed Douzo, Mike and Patty's, and Veggie Planet
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In addition to those restaurants you've already named, our family loves:

Amarin Thai (Newton Corner), Blue Ribbon BBQ (West Newton and Arlington, best BBQ in the city!), Lam's Vietnamese (West Newton).

And our favorite hidden breakfast nooks are Victoria's Cafe (cheap, dependable, friendly, in the Watch Factory, Crescent St, Waltham) or The Spot (Main St. Watertown).

And there's always the cut-above-average: Not Your Average Joes, Bertucci's, both of which the kids love.
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My husband and I went to Bertucci's on our honeymoon nearly six years ago. We still talk about it when pizza talk comes up. I think it would be kid friendly.
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Seconding Blue Ribbon BBQ in W. Newton, and adding Solea in Waltham - they have tapas and mains, and are a very tasty and friendly place. Za in Arlington has very good pizza, too, for when you want a change from The Upper Crust.
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Seconding Za and thirding Blue Ribbon (get the gold sauce)
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If you're coming into Cambridge/Somerville for Wagamama/Redbones already, then the greatest hamburger in the United States is well within your range.
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This is the web site you want to post this question to.

But, since you're on here, if you're coming into Cambridge/Somerville already then some of my favorite places include Highland Kitchen (interesting menu, great burgers and delicious cocktails), Christopher's (food's just okay IMHO but good beer selection, nice vibe, and decent burgers), and if you like good Chinese check out Qingdao Garden, omfg their dumplings...

Also, stop going to Wagamama's already, and go to the Porter Square Exchange instead. I'm iffy about Bluefin, and the ramen place I think is meh, but I really like Cafe Mami. Mmm...yaki-don...
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I like the Border Cafe (Tex-Mex and Cajun) in Harvard Square. They've also got locations in Burlington and Saugus, if either of those are more convenient for some reason.
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With summer coming up, you should definitely head up towards Cape Ann, just for Woodman's of Essex. One of the best, and most well known seafood joints in New England, known for their outdoor steaming of lobstah, which you "eat in the rough." Big portions, good food, good prices, and so, it's tough to get a seat/table for dinner on summer weekend nights. But get there a little early, and pace yourself!
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Chez Henri's cubano sandwich in Cambridge.
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There's a great little hole-in-the-wall Italian place next to the West Newton Cinema - pair some great pasta with a kids' movie on a rainy weekend like this one!
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Adding my thumbs-up to:
Not Your Average Joe's (Lexington, Burlington, Arlington)
Border Cafe
Blue Ribbon BBQ (although I personally like Lester's in Burlington better)
Porter Square Galleria food court

Krazy Karry's in Arlington Center for burgers
Stone Hearth Pizza in Cambridge and Belmont
Flatbread Pizza Co. in Burlington (I think there's one coming soon to Davis Square, too)
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Actually, Krazy Karry's in Arlington Center just closed on April first.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone.

We did Blue Ribbon last night; it was great.

I was actually a server at the original Harvard Square Border Cafe a LONG time ago! And we only go to Wagamama because we discovered the first one in London years ago and it's our London trip reminder (we go to HMart in Burlington for noodles).

I can't believe Krazy Karry's closed...and Joe's in Lexington closed over a year ago, too.
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