Where to find stylish dress shirts and pants in NYC for men?
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Where to find stylish dress shirts and pants in NYC for men?

I'm all googled out (honestly exhausted, not trying to be lazy) looking for clothing stores in manhatten for men's stylish dress shirts and pants.

Not too office-like yet not too wild but maybe kind of funky with a pattern or image.

I've been to a few stores on my walk to work but the shirts and pants there seem relatively low quality.

Price range from $70 to $150 max is ok.

Perhaps something like http://www.weartoimpress.com/men/button-shirts but a little more upscale.

I don't really want to buy online because I want try things on and see/feel the fabric quality.
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I pass the Thomas Pink store nearly every day on my walk from work on 6th ave. They look like they have the classic kind of style and I'm always tempted to go in. You might try them.

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Barney's Co-op is worth a visit.
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H&M, if they fit you.
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Zara has good dress shirts, you can find them all over the town. Decent suits, but a tad Eurotrashy at times. Great pants.

Uniqlo, excellent pants.

Top Shop and Ben Sherman for some fun British wear.

There's a new J. Crew Boutique store on Broadway that has nice shirts. Great quality for suits, but okay cut.

HM is a good place too, I like their cut. However can be cheap quality. Tends to wear out fast.

But if you're going for printed graphics, A/X (not a fan) got ton of "dressy" shirts with graphics all over em. Urban Outfitters too.

Barney's Co-op is good, but can be pricey.

*Note* I'm of a slender build so my tastes lean towards slim fit and sharp cuts.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies.

Are there no small designer shops within the price range I'm looking for?

Just really unique, modern, stylish stuff.

I would have thought there would be a lot of fashion designers in the city working
away to build a their niche of funky cool clothes.
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Century 21 has a great mens section, and almost always has stuff similar to the pics posted, it can be somewhat hit or miss, though.
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Steven Alan in Nolita (and they have other locations in manhattan). Great dress shirts. Small company:
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Sorry -- now for the site: www.stevenalan.com (can't seem to link it)
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There are couple of independent boutiques around Nolita/E. Village but they tend to be pricey.
Also you could prowl Williamsburg and Orchard Street in LES.

Here are couple that I'm familiar with:

Seize sur Vingt - Decent dress shirts around $150-170
78 Greene St.

Paul Smith Sale Shop in Williamsburg - You can find steep discounts on their shirts.
280 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

Operations - modern and different. This might be within your price range.
60 Mercer Street

In God We Trust - Eclectic mix.
265 Lafayette Street


More here:


But for jeans, nothing beats Uniqlo in terms of price, cut, and quality.
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One more site:

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Teddy Boy may either have shirts or, at the very least, a lead for you.

Maybe check out Alter in Brooklyn as well.
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I implore you to take a trip to Epaulet. 231 Smith St, Brooklyn.

Not too office-like yet not too wild but maybe kind of funky with a pattern or image.

This is what they do best. Very high quality, all garments handmade made in NYC. Mike and Adele run a great shop and you would do well to take a look. Keep on your toes, as they primarily do small batch runs and can sell out quickly - but always have lots of new stuff in the pipeline.

Two things you are going to immediately notice here: (1) quality, and (2) fit. Just a hair above what you are looking to spend, but they keep things very reasonable and much more affordable than the SOHO boutiques. Check them out, strike up a relationship.

Also, please don't purchase any of the shirts on the page you linked to.
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Some thoughts:

(1) Thomas Pink is beyond the OP's price range and doesn't really have shirts in the style the OP asked for. That said, their quality is great, but, again, it's not what the OP wants.

(2) Neither is Barney's Co-Op, though, again, the quality of a lot of their stuff is good.

(3) Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and all the links provided by pakoothefakoo would seem to be a good start.
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