Help me replace my shower door "thingie"
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On the bottom of our shower door, there is a plastic squeegee-like attachment presumably meant to help keep water inside the shower. See these two pics. The plastic is getting pretty nasty and is cracking. I've taken it to two local Home Depots to try to find a replacement, and tried Googling it. No success. The part in question just slides right off. The part that attaches to the shower door is hard plastic. The "squeegee" part is somewhat flexible. Can anyone help me find a replacement?
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Hopefully someone else gives you more info, but it kind of looks like the weather stripping on the bottom of the front door to my house, which is barely more substantial than Scotch tape.
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Here we go, it's a door sweep.
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Find a local glass cutting shop -- they should be able to sell you what you need.

If you turn to Google or (gasp) the phone book, there should be one in your general vicinity. These places usually specialize in shower doors, glass shelves, etc. If they don't stock it, they'll definitely be able to hook you up with somebody who does.

If not, then start phoning around to plumbing supply stores and/or bathroom showrooms.
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Get the thickest door sweep you can find at Home Depot. On mine, I removed a couple of screws to remove the piece of aluminum holding the sweep in place, put the new sweep in, screwed it back together, and caulked along the seam. It took 10 minutes.
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Awesome. Now that I know what to call it...voila! This appears to be very similar, if not exactly what I need. I'll have to go measure my shower door. Thanks all!
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