Interesting Summer Opportunities
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Help me figure out what to do with my summer!

(Asking this question for my lovely sister):

I'm a Philadelphia resident in my mid-twenties looking to do something fun this summer before starting graduate school in the fall. I have living arrangements in Philadelphia, but would be willing to relocate and sublet my place for the summer, especially if room/board is included. Ideally i'm looking for work, but would consider volunteer opportunities as well, and am fairly open, though staying on the east coast or in the northeast is more appealing to me. Suggestions like farm work exchange and summer camps have already crossed my path, but I'm looking for other ideas. If you MeFi's had three months to do something before getting really serious about your life, what would you do?
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This is a great question, but it'd be helpful to have a bit more of an idea of the kind of setting you'd like and what kind of stuff you like to do. Here's a question: what hobby/activity/pursuit would do if you had unlimited funds and time?
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Sister says: travel, cooking, being outside on water, reading, drinking wine.
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Cook on a cruise ship? That gives you cooking, travel, being on water, room and board, and possibly some wine drinking.
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Unless you could use the money, I would not work if able. You'll have little to no time during grad school, then you'll be working for the next 25-30 years.

I would travel, cook, be outside on water, read, and drink wine. :)
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Is sister any kind of athlete or outdoorsy person? If so, then she might look for a job at a seasonal rafting company. Not that she'd raft guide--those jobs are harder to get, anyway--but she could work at the store or another part of the company, depending on how big it is. In Pennsylvania, she could call companies on the Youghiogheny River. Or she could look for jobs with companies on rivers in Maine or New York state.

Or, the place I would recommend is Nantahala Outdoor Center in western North Carolina. They are a large company with lodging, retail, and restaurants. She might be able to get a job cooking, or serving, if she wants to work with food, or perhaps making rafting reservations. These jobs can be great fun.

And with many of these companies, the pay is low, but you get staff housing. Plus it's a great adventure.

If this isn't her thing, she might think about other popular tourist destinations; there are always people looking for seasonal staff.
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Seconding being a river guide. I would also look in the West, though, in addition to eastern rivers.
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I'd hike as much of the Appalachian Trail as I could. Alternatively I'd work for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy working on a Trail Crew - "Join a volunteer Trail crew and spend a week or more helping to build and protect the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, America's premier long-distance footpath. No previous trail experience is necessary - just a desire to work hard, live in the backcountry and have a great time among friends."
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I was going to suggest touring around some national parks, but if it is a job you are after as well, why not try to find a job in one? You'd meet a lot of people in similar circumstances, and be able to do a lot of hiking / climbing/ what-have-you in your off hours.
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