What's the best way to get wireless internet in London and other parts of the UK?
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What's the best way to get wireless internet in London and other parts of the UK?

I've seen references to iPass and to TheCloud. Have you used them while traveling? What do you recommend for wireless access?

I'm willing to pay for it, and would rather pay a flat rate than PAYG, but can do that if I have to. We'll be in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, and a few other places in the UK for two weeks. Ideally there's something that could be used from a Blackberry, an iPod Touch, and a laptop.

Or is getting a new SIM for my Blackberry and tethering it the best option? What will get me the kind of full wireless connection that I have in the States, without having the folks at HQ go through the roof over my roaming charges?

I have a sub-question on roaming charges on the Blackberry, which is that I've been informed by IT that I should minimize data transfers while traveling, as it's ridiculously expensive. If I'm on a wifi hotspot, will my corporate account also be charged for any data transfers and web browsing?
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I believe McDonald's is still giving away free WiFi in its restaurants throughout England, if you don't mind sitting in one for a bit.
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In terms of paying for access check out


as for a SIM take a look at


they even sell very cheap MiFi devices so all your gadgets could connect to the one connection.
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There are various free wi-fi spots, in addition to the usual Starbucks/Micky Dees places. Tate Modern has just started doing it and you can get free wi-fi at the British Library, for example. I am sure that there are others.
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I used iPass while traveling through Asia two years ago and was shocked at how widely available it was. I'd imagine that availability would be a lot better in the UK.

If you can rent/get a cheap MiFi device, that would be the best option IMO.
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Wetherspoons pubs are everywhere and have free wifi. The food is probably marginally better than McDonalds, and the seats are more comfortable.
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I'm in the UK right now bemoaning the wifi on my ipad. btopenzone gladly took my money without actually giving me wifi so I am learly of them now. Basically, I look for free wifi (starbucks, pubs, apple stores) and check for free networks on my iphone. I don't think all MacDonalds here have wifi (at least none that I have checked). Sorry I couldn't be more positive.
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An update: we're here now; I'm using ipass and gingerbeer is using boingo, and so far they've been okay (not awesome) at finding and logging us in via partnered sites. We're going to track down a spot today where we can sit for a while and be internetty. The weather is stunning!
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Hi. We're home now. Using ipass connect, bought in the States before we left, on my ipod touch ended up working out pretty well for nearly everywhere I needed it to work. It gave me access to btopenzone, ibahn, tmobile, and a few others, and it nearly always worked without a hitch. At only $9.95 for a month (no contract), it was well worth it.
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