Some help with grooming a couple of guys?
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I need to find eyebrow and manicure services for men in Astoria, Queens and Brooklyn Heights. Any recommendations?

Important photo session coming up for two men of my acquaintance! They need to have their nails neatened up and to have their eyebrows tamed so we can see their eyes. These are guys on the non-performing side of the music industry in their late 40s and they're feeling squeamish about the whole thing.

Can you recommend salons in/near Astoria and Brooklyn Heights that either cater specifically to men or that at least lack a girly-girly vibe? Where we can be reasonably sure they'll emerge with neat, matte nails and with brows that don't look thin and archy?

Much appreciated!
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I go to Honey Spa in Greenpoint. They do hard wax, which is less painful than hot wax (bc guys are total pussies when it comes to beauty pain), and all their services are cheap. It's definitely not frou-frou at all and it's pretty small, so it won't be full of gaggles of women.
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If they don't mind going into the city, send them to John Allan's.
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