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I worked for a small startup in San Francisco for around 4 months, but can't get my final paycheck off them......What recourse do I have?

I worked for a Cloud Computing Co. in the city for a few months at the tail end of last year. Getting paid was always a complete hassle, with one BS excuse after the other as well as changing the agreed upon hourly rate. They haven't responded to e-mails or voice messages even when I was calling up about the work schedule. I have since returned to Austin and sent in my last invoice over 6 weeks ago. My gut feeling is that they have no intention of paying me, and the fact that I'm not in SF makes it more difficult to apply any sort of pressure. I was thinking of small claims court but it's a hassle not been there. They owe me around $550.....
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Small claims court.
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Did they close up shop or are they still around?
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Response by poster: They're still around, and as I mentioned earlier....I'm no longer in SF, so the Small Claims Court is not ideal as I think you have to petition & sign all sorts of documents, as well as show up on the Court date.
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Make a claim for unpaid wages. I may matter if you were a hired employee or a contractor.
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If you give it up for lost, you should be able to use it as a tax deduction...
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Response by poster: I wonder how I can file it as a tax deduction? Tomorrow's getting v. close!
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You'd need to consult an expert on that one. I've never done it.
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Paycheck as in employee?

If employee, contact the CA labor board.
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On review, seconding Whiskeyspider's link above.
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If you're sending them invoices, it sounds like you might be a contractor. If so, the DSLE (whiskeyspider's link) cannot help you, and you'll need to go to small claims.

Note that independent contractor status has nothing to do with what you and they called your job and how you got paid, and everything to do with whether you meet the IRS's definition of an independent contractor.

So check out that link and figure out if you're an employee or not. If you're an IC, small claims and/or a lawyer is an answer. Otherwise, the DSLE is the way to get the ball rolling.

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Response by poster: Sorry, Contractor....
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