Where can a teacher take a group of 13 to eat in NYC?
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Where are some good, fun, and affordable places to take a group of preteens to eat in NYC?

Asking this for a friend, who is a teacher, and taking a small group of students (total group is 10 kids, 3 adults) on a trip to NYC. The kids are aged 12-14, and they have a total meal budget (for lunches and dinners) of $1000 for the group. On the first day, they will be in the Times Square area for both lunch and dinner, and will be in Chinatown for lunch the following day.

If you have any specific suggestions that would work well for this type of group, especially ones that would help stay as far under the food budget as possible, she and her kids would really appreciate it!
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mars2112 is fun, and right near times square...
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Ooh! I don't have any specific suggestions, but for a group of that many dim sum in Chinatown would be a great, cheap lunch idea. If you are unfamiliar with it, dim sum is where you all sit down around a big table (or two big tables) and waiters with carts come around and you chose different things to share. They mark your receipt with stamps according to how much the particular item costs, and it all gets added up at the end. Everyone can order something different and mix and match.
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Check out Chowhound.

Mars2112 is fun for very little kids, but the food is bad.
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And after your Chinatown lunch, make sure to visit one of the local bakeries - their little cakes and desserts are around $1.00 each and so, so good. The boba tea is delicious as well.
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Seconding chinatown bakeries. Stay out of Little Italy, it's crap -- the real baked goods are south of Canal St.
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Only thought I'm having for Times Square that isn't a total wash is John's Pizzeria.
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If they're willing to take a 25 minute walk from Times Square (up 5th. Avenue) to East 60th. Street (they'll walk by Trump Tower, F.A.O. Schwarz, the famous glass-cubed Apple Store, The Plaza Hotel [home of Eloise], etc.), I strongly recommend Serendipity 3.

If they want to go, a group that size should make reservations (212-838-3531).

It looks like they have $333.00 average for a group of 13 for each meal -- thus, $26 per person per meal. If they stick with the burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, chilis, etc., they should be able to swing it.
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The are overpriced, but F.A.O. Schwarz mentioned by ericb makes utterly astonishing milkshakes.
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My spouse took a school group of 30-ish to carmines. It worked out well, family style Italian -- though I can't quote you a price.
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If the weather's nice you could try an off-hours lunch or early dinner (the line during prime meal times can be almost insurmountable) at Shake Shack. It's 20 blocks down Broadway from Times Square in Madison Square park and has some of the best burgers (and shakes) for the price anywhere. Their website is here, but be warned-- it's one of the most annoying ones I've ever tried to navigate.
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Better Burger for healthy burgers and fries.

Not that "fun" but tasty and very un-junk-food-like. Lots of different catsups.
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2nding Carmines
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Yes, dim sum. There's plenty of room at Ping's Seafood, 22 Mott St. and the food is delicious.
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