What do I charge for managing social media?
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What do I charge for managing social media?

I was offered an opportunity to manage a company's social media presence. When he asked me what my rates were, I had no answer for him, having really only done freelance in graphic design. I've been looking for going rates, but haven't been very successful. Is there a ballpark rate? I would be keeping track of their facebook page, twitter stream, etc.
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"Keeping track of" is not very descriptive. Will you be creating content or just posting content they produce? Will you be responsible for responding to fans/followers? Will you be responsible for reporting analytics? Are you doing any strategy work (developing a social media plan, being an advocate in the organization, etc)? Is it one facebook page and one twitter stream? Will you be doing any design or IA work for either?
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Yeah, Kimberly's questions are pretty essential for even a ballpark suggestion.

Also, one way to get some idea of how much these projects usually go for, you can check job sites like eLance and look through some awarded projects. People might argue that such sites usually underpay (especially to foreign providers) but if you're just starting out in this particular area it's a good way to figure out what a reasonable rate might be.
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Response by poster: To start with, I'd be creating content and responding to followers. Eventually, I'm hoping to be a part of their overall social media strategy. Right now, it's four different facebook pages and I'd create the twitter account.

This offer came out of the blue and I was unprepared to answer his question. It's something that I've never done for someone else before.

But now I've started thinking about adding this service to broaden my freelance service. My target market has been mostly small, local companies. Definitely something to chew on.

Thanks for answering. I'm going to check out Elance now.
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