Is the poet Jane Hirshfield married/partnered?
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Is the poet Jane Hirshfield married/partnered?
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If she is, it is very much not part of any of her public-facing bios.
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She was interviewed here, but I haven't listened to it.
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And there's a long interview with her here where people ask her sort of questions about her life, not specifically about romantic entanglements [but talking about love poems and erotic poems and what her day is like] and there's no mention at all, nothing. It's a very interesting read but again pretty clearly does not discuss her personal life. Seems like a deliberate omission to me.
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Thanks, too bad there's no answer.

The reason why I'm looking is that I came across her in the PBS "Buddha" program. There she says that meditation is not about dissociation from our hearts, and I wonder if that's true, whether that still means a kind of isolation, separation. In other interviews she talks about following her heart, that "My job as a human being as well as a writer is to feel as thoroughly as possible the experience that I am part of, and then press it a little further." She also talks about her poetry as not being the sort of a personal narrative. There is a kind of distance, independence, certainly an internal pursuit, and I wonder how that is reconciled with relationships, or if they are just not a part of her life. I love what she has to say. What I'm wondering about is a practical question about her kind of pursuit and relationships. Certainly there are lots of books on the subject, but a living example is more concrete.
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You could look at some other Zen teachers. Many seem to have a lifelong partner, and I've heard it said that one well-known Zen teacher (who is married) really only had one long-time friend. Which kind of makes sense to me, maybe because I have at most one or two close friends at a time.

There's a book written by the son of two Zen priests who lived in the Bay area. Sorry I can't think of the name, but that might shed some light on the whole issue. Sure sounds like an interesting book.
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