Can You Identify This Song Sung at a Polish Vigil for Those Who Died in the Airline Crash?
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Please help me identify the song being sung at 5 minutes, 52 seconds into the BBC's Monday morning GlobalNews podcast. It's identified in the podcast as being sung by young Polish people in front of the Presidential Palace, presumably gathering in vigil, and it struck me as hauntingly beautiful.
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Religious. I think it's this one: O Boze Panie moj –
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....which translates as "O Lord my God"
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Response by poster: Could be me, but the performance you linked to seems to be of a song that's mostly in the major key, while the music in the podcast seems to be of a song that's in the minor key ... so I'm not entirely sure it's the same song. Am I wrong? I'm certainly not an expert, considering I don't speak the language ... it just sounds a bit different.
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Wow, this is really frustrating… I agree that the tone is different, but I just ascribed that to the rendition. The lyrics — what little I hear of them — sorta match, and nothing else turns up in the Google.

Brb, gonna listen for the 17th time; 17 is a charm, right?
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Ok, I've sent it off to cousins and mum, let's see what they make of it…
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In Poland - will send it along to friends here. Should have an answer in a few days at the latest.
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Response by poster: Sincere thanks to you both!

It was just such a hauntingly beautiful song ... wanted to see if I could locate it somewhere to preserve.

And while I appreciate the "O Boze Panie moj" links, it was the sadness and plaintiveness of the song we heard in the background – which seem to be part of its minor key – that really made it beautiful to me, and I don't pick up on those qualities in the more major-key sound of the links that were sent.
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Neither cousin nor mum recognize it beyond "something religious" so no help there I'm afraid. You know you have to write the BBC to ask for the original tape now, right?
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Response by poster: Well, I hope mdonley will have the answer, but if he does not, I jotted a note to the BBC this morning; maybe they'll be kind enough to identify it. Unlike other sites I've seen, they say, "[I]f we can answer yours, we will reply as soon as we can."
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