eyeglasses frames are too tight
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How do I loosen the spring hinges on my eyeglasses?

I am looking for instructions on how to loosen the spring hinges on my eyeglasses, or a recommendation that I should I take them to the glasses place in the mall and have a professional do it.
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Best answer: I recently broke the temple off a pair of expensive D&G frames trying to adjust the hinges myself. Maybe I'm overly paranoid about this stuff now, but I recommend you let an expert do it. I think many places will make adjustments for free if you're an existing client of theirs.
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Take them to a professional. They usually do this type of thing for free, especially if you take them to where you purchased them. If you are in the boondocks and can't go to the store (or another store in a chain) that you purchased them from, this type of thing is on par with changing a watch battery and shouldn't cost more thatn 10 bucks.
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It's also ok to lie at a chain store and say something like "I bought these from a lendcrafters in ohio last year..." to get the free adjust.
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There's no need to lie (besides, they'll know whether it's a frame their chain sells and you'll look like an idiot). Most places perform tons of adjustments every day for free. If one says they're going to charge you, you can always find another place that won't.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the push in the right direction. I wondered why I couldn't find any instructions online!

I also asked two people in real-life and they both said take them to a professional or you'll be very sorry - so majority rules - I will take them to the mall since I bought them on Ebay.

I don't know if this hotlinking or not, and if it is shame on me, but it's my own blog... so anyway - here they are.
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