Can you bring a cigarette roller on a plane in Canada?
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Can you bring a cigarette roller on a plane in Canada?

I checked the Pack Smart website, but I can't seem to find rollers.

There are no sharp objects on it, and it's perfectly legal, so I figured it must be allowed, but I'd rather not run the risk if I'm not sure. I'm also concerned that security might think it looks 'suspicious' and use it as a cause to go through my stuff.

Does anyone know? Also, would it be better to bring it as luggage or as carry-on?

It would be a domestic flight, if it matters.
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If you put it in your checked baggage, it won't matter.
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Seconding - put it in checked luggage, and it won't be subject to the vagaries of an officer having a bad day.

But honestly, they'll let 14-inch knitting needles with sharp points into the cabin. I can't really believe that a roller will be a problem, because it's most dangerous if you throw it, and then you have to ban books and computers and phones and babies.
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