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I'm going to buy my mother a new Mac Mini once the new iteration of OS X is out. Can anyone recommend a decent 15 or 17" flat panel display to go with it? I heard that you can get one for about $250 – $300, are those decent?
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Is your mum farsighted? (Mine is.) You might want to think about a 15" display with a native resolution of 1024x768. Even with a smaller screen the text will be a little larger and easier to read.
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Best answer: Make sure to upgrade the memory in the Mini. Mac OS X doesn't run very well in 256MB. 512MB is really the minimum. (OS X is the first consumer operating system that maintains the state of every open window in memory. Most others only maintain the screen area, then use smoke-and-mirror tricks.)

As for monitors, I've got a Samsung SyncMaster 173s that I'm pretty happy with. Got it for $350 or so.

I recommend checking out hardware review sites, like AnandTech and Tom's Hardware. They exhaustively test the monitors they get. AnandTech is especially good.
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You can get a brand-name LCD for that much. For example, here's a ViewSonic 17" LCD for $269.

It's your mom, so you don't have to worry about the refresh rate being low for gaming (which drives up the price).
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Also, for most people, the quality of the monitor, keyboard, and mouse really determine the entire experience. Processors are so fast nowadays that there's no real difference between an entry-level machine and a gamer's machine for 80% of the application. Don't scrimp on the monitor.
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It might work out to be cheaper to get her an eMac or an iMac, or heck even an iBook.
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I'm actually reading this on one of the Viewsonics falconred linked to. I wouldn't strongly recommended this model in particular. They've got a few other 17" models that are noticeably better for a similar price.
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Another recommendation: get a monitor with digital input. While the mini is supposed to come with digital-analog converter cables, the picture is much better with a monitor that supports direct digital input.
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Response by poster: Do the versions with the digital input cost much more?

She is using this for photography primarily (she's on an older os9 imac now, and is in awe of iphoto 5 and flickr), so display quality is quite important.

I will investigate the iMac, but we can get a 15% discount on the mac mini, and even with a $300 screen and the 512 meg upgrade it'll still be a bit cheaper.
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Look on NewEgg. Just a few companies make most of the LCD panels, so the name of the company that's on the front is mostly a formality. Not paying for a name brand can save you a lot of money without much impact to quality. There are several 17" displays on there in your price range and even a 19". A 19" might be a good choice for an older person, as it doesn't have any more pixels than the 17" so stuff is bigger by default.
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For what it's worth if she's serious about photography she may prefer a CRT because it will probably have better color reproduction. LCDs are getting better though.
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I just read a recommendation in the latest PC Magazine that if you want to maximize font size, you should get a 19-inch screen. I'm not sure if that's a Windows-centric recommendation or not; the magazine does cover some Mac stuff.
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Interesting thread on Macintouch about analog displays not working as well as digital, connected to a Mac mini.
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Another vote for CRT, if space (and being able to move it) isn't a huge issue. You can get a very nice 17" CRT for well under $100. (I still use one I bought used about four years ago as I continue to wait for LCDs to get dirt cheap.)
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Response by poster: Unfortunately space is a huge issue, which is one reason we're going for the tiniest machine possible. However, I will still look at some CRTs. Thank you, Askmefi!
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I would recommend the Samsung 153T. About $230 shipped at that site (found through PriceGrabber). It's a Samsung (generally very good quality), has a digital connection, and it comes with a cable for the digital connection (DVI). Many monitors with a digital connection don't come with the DVI cable, which costs maybe 20-30 dollars more (complete guess). You can see that the 153T above comes with a DVI cable in the "photo gallery."

I have the 152T, and it's worked very well for me. The 153T is a somewhat old monitor (Samsung doesn't make any new 15" LCDs with digital connections, it seems), which probably accounts for the low price. But I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work well for you.
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