Hardware + Windows 7 Pro + XP Mode?
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Can I use a Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter with a Windows XP 32-bit application running within XP Compatibility Mode within Windows 7 Professional 64-bit?

(That's a mouthful. So many different versions and complications, Microsoft.)

My dad has some software that connects to a motorcycle ECU through a proprietary cable that turns into a 9-pin serial DIN plug. I had this working through a Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter to an old Toshiba laptop running XP.

The laptop is toast so he wants to replace it with a new laptop. They don't sell Windows XP laptops, so I need to find some way for him to run his stuff under Windows 7 Professional via its XP Compatibility Mode Plug-In Add-on. Does this XP Mode allow use of hardware, like a USB-to-serial port adapter?
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I have the Keyspan adapter (USA 19-H) with me in my laptop bag on the road, and my system at home has Win7x64 with XPmode32. If this goes until I get back (Friday) without getting answered, I'll definitely try things out. I think you can map a port through like you could with VirtualPC, but I've not had to try it out.
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Assuming it's just a stock USB-to-rs232 adaptor and you can find drivers, the app might work just fine on windows 7 as-is - most legacy 32 bit software has worked flawlessly under Win7 64 bit (much to my surprise).

I don't have much experience with Virtual PC (the VM software that XP Compatibility Mode runs on), but VMWare has decent serial support including in the free versions (server and player).
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I also don't have much experience with Virtual PC, but in the unlikely case that whatever it is won't run with what MS provides - either natively in Windows 7 or via XP Compatibility virtualization - I'd be reaching for Sun's VirtualBox, whose support for client system access to host USB hardware works very well indeed.
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They don't sell Windows XP laptops

Are you certain about this? My local computer shop still has netbooks on offer with XP Home preinstalled.
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My dad is not a young 'un, so a netbook screen is out of the question unless I get him a magnifying lens. In other words, it's going to be Windows 7, unfortunately, or nothing given what the Best Buys etc. are selling.
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I'm also interested specifically in the XP Mode, because otherwise I have to buy him a Windows XP license and install disc to use with VirtualBox or VMWare, and I'm already putting out a fair amount of money for Windows 7 Pro alone.
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VMWare isn't free, either, and my experiences with VirtualBox performance are not so great. I think XP Mode is pretty much my only option, realistically.
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If you're really stuck they sell USB-Serial adapters that are Win 7 compatible, e.g. this one. Under $20. I don't know how Win XP compatibility mode interacts with devices like that though.
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I think Windows 7 Professional now bundles Keyspan drivers into the OS.
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While it probably will work just fine in windows 7 (I've found all usb->serial adapters I've used so far have worked flawlessly), to answer your quesion, yes, XP mode does have a USB passthrough mode, i.e. you can allocate a USB device to the XP install, and it will be 'disconnected' from windows 7 and exclusive control given to the virtual XP install. You can even run an app from within XP mode directly, i.e. it'll show up as an (XP styled) window in your win 7 windows, rather than an XP desktop in a window with a program running in it, though you can do it that way too if you prefer.

Note, if you're feeling particularly nutty, you can always install XP directly yourself - windows 7 professional and ultimate/enterprise have a 'downgrade right' included; you'll need to find your own XP media, but you can ring up microsoft and exchange your windows 7 licence for a XP licence key, though your supposed to go to your computer OEM first. Alternatively, businesses with volume licence agreements automatically get downgrade rights so your work IT people may be able to supply you with a burned XP pro disk and/or key.
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Also, XP is still only available at retail as Home, preinstalled on netbooks - it's been withdrawn from sale in all other channels. The only way to get it these days is via a downgrade rights program provided by an OEM, and they're also getting pretty rare, so rolling your own is becoming the only option. Given XP is in extended support, and is a 9 year old OS, it's probably about time it was retired...
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Aha. Finally, something listed! (It never usually works). The USA 19HS is supported under windows 7 x32 and x64, so assuming that's also your keyspan adapter, you should be fine without needing XP mode, assuming the app runs of course!
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Given XP is in extended support, and is a 9 year old OS, it's probably about time it was retired...

Except for the all the XP software that's out there, I'd agree with you entirely.
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