In what way can hemp powder spoil?
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How does hemp powder spoil? What would determine if it was no longer able to be consumed? What are some non-food uses for hemp powder?

It's "organic, cold milled" Nature's Way brand hemp powder. The label shows an expiration date of December 2009, it also instructs to keep tightly sealed and refrigerate after opening.

It was opened and kept refrigerated from about April to October 2009. It was then removed and placed in a cupboard until yesterday. The jar has been opened maybe three or four times since it was purchased. The kitchen in which it was stored is kept very cold, around 10 C / 50 F.

I don't see any clear signs of spoilage. There's no odd smell and the powder looks dry. I'd like to find some use for it.
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My guess is with hemp (and other oily grains like flax) it is the oil that will go rancid and cause spoilage. If it has been kept cold and smells ok, it is probably ok to eat.
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Non-food uses: maybe you could put it in homemade soap as a mild abrasive? I've got some soap with almonds and oats in it, which is very nice.
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I agree with sararah: if it tastes & smells OK I'd eat it.
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