Greek handwriting
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How can I improve my Greek handwriting?

I'm learning Greek via Rosetta Stone and Linguaphone, and both cover the printed alphabet really well, and Linguaphone also has a booklet on how to write the alphabet by hand. However, the results look like a child's writing with nothing joined.

My question: is Greek handwriting joined up like we learn to do with the Roman alphabet? If so, where can I learn how to write Greek 'properly'?
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I've never seen Greek written with joined letters. I'm not in the habit of writing in Greek, but I have relatives who do.
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You might take your question over here:
They have a forum where folks ask exactly that type of question.
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Byzantine Greek was sometimes written cursively, and lemme tell you, that stuff is hard as hell to read. Byzantine cursive was based on a large number of ligatures — special symbols that represent more than one letter — and you basically need to learn the ligatures by rote, since they often don't look much like the letters they're supposed to represent. Anyway, nobody writes with those ligatures now. If people learn them at all, it's in order to read the very old manuscripts and books where they appear.
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I don't believe I have ever seen Greek written with a joined script, except maybe in historical documents. It definitely is not taught in schools here in Greece, being neat and legible is all you need for 'proper' handwriting.
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