Good book about the Chechen war?
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Are there any good books about the Chechen war that also give some historical background on Russian relations with the Caucasus?

The recent terrorist attacks in Moscow have got me thinking about how little I know about that part of the world, and I'd like to read more about it.

P.S.: Bonus points if it's a well-written book and not too dry.
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Chechnya: To the Heart of a Conflict by Andrew Meier is stellar, easy to read, pretty unbiased and very informative . . . and can be found for as little as a penny at Amazon.
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Not about the Chechen war, but Ali and Nino provides an interesting bit of backstory for the region.

For more general info on Russian expansionism starting in the 19th Century, try some Peter Hopkirk.
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I found 'Black Earth: a journey through Russia after the fall' by Andrew Meier fascinating as well - there was a section on Chechnya, plus the book puts it all into a larger context with other regions. Very easy to read and just an amazingly interesting book.
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