Non-academic jobs for a statistician/ecologist in Israel?
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What are some non-academic jobs near Tel Aviv, Israel that would be a good fit for someone with training in statistics (MA) and ecology (PhD)?

For the next two years I'll be living in Rehovot, Israel, where my wife has accepted a postdoc. I recently completed my PhD in ecology and MA in statistics. Ideally, I would also find a two-year academic postdoc, but the search has been challenging. While a postdoc isn't yet out of the question, I think it is time to start brainstorming some other jobs/careers/piecemeal work I might consider for the two years I'll be there. What are some good options?

More on my skills:
- I don't speak Hebrew.
- I minored in CS as an undergrad and can program in Java, R, and C++ reasonably well, but maybe not well enough that I could perform a job with the title "programmer".
- I like to think that I have good experience using statistics and programming as tools to meet some larger problem-solving objective (eg in ecology), and I'm most interested in a job that would let me do something similar.

Any and all suggestions welcome, thanks for your help!
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according to, Ebay has a couple of openings in Tel Aviv. My best bet for you will be to start hitting some networking groups in town and around the campus. That's your best bet. I have a feeling that the community will want to make you comfortable (because they don't want to lose the investment they have already put in to getting your wife and you to come there).
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Intel is also hiring in Petach Tikvah.
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you might find a hebrew study class, too.
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Clean tech is very big in Israel right now, and seems like a natural fit for someone at the intersection of ecology, statistics, and programming. You might research some of the leading companies and look at job openings.
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