Where have I seen this picture?
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I am 99% sure I recognize this picture from an album I owned - but which album was it?

Here's the picture:

It came up on my tumblr feed today with no caption or click-through link, and I immediately recognized it. I wanted to say it was from Basement Jaxx's Rooty (maybe not the cover, but the art in the liner notes) but after some futile Google searches I'm not so sure. I definitely owned it around that time though, so it was probably released between 2000 and 2003.

It's not life or death, but I forgot how much I loved the images (there were several similar portrait-style paintings, all hyper-realistic) and I'd love to try to track it down.
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Best answer: Dirty Vegas
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So that you can do this yourself for next time, SputnikSweetheart meet TinEye.
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