Looking for a certain video of a man being killed in increasingly implausible ways
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I'm looking for a certain video that I saw about half a year ago: it involves a man walking down the street, and being assaulted and repeatedly killed in gratuitously bloody ways by otherwise mundane objects on that street.

To be honest, I'm not sure if this is from a movie, or if it's an art film, or what. I do remember that I saw it in the context of searching for some electronic song on Youtube to send to a friend. But to a city boy like me, it's hard to not fixate a little bit on a video where the very pavement you're walking on is repeatedly reaching up to kill you... I think I tried to forget this on purpose.

What I do remember is this: a man is walking mundanely down the street, and various increasingly implausible objects start to kill him for seemingly no reason. Each time he is killed, he 'starts' again, much like having unlimited lives in a video game. The first death starts with the sidewalk and subsequent ones become more and more abstract; if I remember correctly, by the end he is being gored more or less by grey cubes. (Did I mention? The entire aura of the movie is grey. Everything is grey.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have! I'm hoping the hive mind can avoid me having to look at dozens of videos of men getting killed ;-)
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Sounds like something Plympton would do but I can't pinpoint anything specific.
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