(3G iPhone + WiFi iPad) - WiFi = ???
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I have a 3G iPhone. If I buy a wireless (no 3G) iPad, is it possible to share my iPhone's 3G connection with my iPad? My goal is to be able to access the internet with my iPad, without having a 3G plan for it.
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You cannot do this without rooting the phone and installing a homebrew proxy on it.
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You're talking about tethering, a feature that is very possible (as on my gf's Palm Pre) but annoyingly verboten by At&t (so far). It might be something that comes along in the future, but I'm not holding my breath.
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Legal issues aside, you'd have to check the countless iphone hacking sites out there to jailbreak, root, all that jazz. Apple would prefer you pay twice, of course.
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According to Steve Jobs, "No."
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I've heard good things about MyWi, but it does require a jailbroken iPhone.
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Apple AT&T would prefer you pay twice, of course.
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I've used MyWi extensively and it performs beautifully.

It can create a wireless network, optionally protected with very simple (WEP) security. I used it with a notebook and a netbook (both running Windows) but there's no reason why it wouldn't work with any other wireless device, including the iPad.

It has a free trial (full version costs $9.99) and is available from the Rock App Store, which will require you to jailbreak your phone. Google blackra1n for more help, assuming you've not upgraded the firmware on your device past 3.1.2.

I can't think of any other way you could do this with an iPhone and iPad combo without needing more hardware. Remember that using your 3G data in this way may well be a breach of your contract with your mobile operator, even if they'd be hard pressed to detect it.
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The answer is yes, you need to jailbreak the iPhone by loading a custom IPSW built by pwnagetool onto it, and then install either of the two tethering apps available via Cydia. These turn your iPhone into an 802.11g WAP and you connect the iPad (or any laptop)'s 802.11g client adapter to it. Here's the links:


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Oops. I forgot to mention that operating both radios in your iPhone simultaneously (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS) and the 802.11g will seriously shorten your battery life.
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MyWi for the win, works perfectly.
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