What is the Korean version of cheaptickets?
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How can I buy plane tickets for a trip in South Korea while outside of South Korea?

I need to fly from Seoul to Ulsan in a couple of weeks, but I'm not currently in Korea. The Korean Air website doesn't work for me. Is there a Korean version of cheaptickets.com or China's ctrip or elong?

I need to be able to safely use a US Mastercard to make the purchase and do the process in English.
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Asiana flies that route direct for $120 USD return. You can also book the same flight on Expedia.
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There are Korean websites selling air tickets, but they're all (afaik) Korean-language only and (like a lot of Korean shopping websites) might well require IE6 and a bunch of ActivX plugins to allow online payment.

Asiana, as gman notes, is a good choice. Note that flights from Seoul to Ulsan depart from Gimpo airport, so you'll need to factor that into your timing.

Also, don't discount the train or bus, which is also bookable online. It's just over 5 hours which, depending on how close your actual origin and destination are to Seoul and Ulsan train/bus stations, might be competitive with the flight time, factoring in transport to and from the airports, check-in time, waiting for luggage etc.

Apologies for stating the obvious, but have you tried a travel agent? I don't know about China, but in most countries, they're still a good choice for buying air tickets.
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Response by poster: I have tried travel agents here in China, and none can book these tickets for me for some reason.

I think it's the IE+ActiveX that's screwing up the Korean Air site for me. Good tip on Asiana, gman and Busy Old Fool. Thanks.
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Best answer: Is there any particular reason you need to fly? You could also take the bus or the train for about half the price, and you could buy it on the spot.

Korean Air and Asiana are your best options for flying inside Korea. They're usually around the same price.
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I second using Expedia for these tickets -- I've used them often for intra-Asia tickets to augment my trips there. I've flown in/ out of Korea on Expedia tickects and never had any problems. Gimpo is my easier to get to from Seoul than Incheon. For $120 round trip I'd fly.
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