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Help me come up with a name for my cooking blog.

I recently decided to pursue a career as a personal chef, and I want to create a blog/website to market my business, showcase my food, and write articles about food and cooking. The trouble is that I'm stuck on a name for the site. I want it to be memorable.

Some names I've considered:

* Perpetual Appetizer (inspired by this New Yorker quote about the marriage of Julia and Paul Child: "The miracle of the Childs’ marriage was that food was never the main course. It was more like a perpetual appetizer.")

* Intoxicake (my boyfriend used this term to describe a cake I made, and I fell in love with the name -- but my site will cover a lot more than just baking, so it seems too specific)

* Love and Hunger (inspired by M.F.K. Fisher: "When I write of hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and warmth and the love of it and it is all one.")

One idea I'd like to play on is that I make almost everything entirely from scratch. I haven't been able to come up with any clever names related to that yet. I'm open to all kinds of suggestions, though. Lay 'em on me. And thanks in advance!
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Lick the Spoon

Truthful Food
Truthfully Delicious

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It's About Food
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From Scratch, With Love?
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WELL. This is quite a can of worms question. Food blog names are getting to be like band names, it seems like all the best ones are taken! In general I'm turned off by those that have the word "food" in the title. I think Perpetual Appetizer is wonderful, and I think you should explain where it comes from in your "about" page.

If you're planning to have a blog that is part of your business, perhaps you should name your business first and get a coordinated domain, then

Good resources for food blog startups (many tips on branding, SEO, comment policies, etc) are foodblogalliance.com and foodblogforum.com.

Good luck!
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Personal Sheaf

From scratch, you say? "This Food Is Really Fresh"

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I really like "Perpetual Appetizer." You're right that "Intoxicake" is too specific. And "Love and Hunger" sounds to me like a blog about aphrodisiacs. I also like rhymer's "Cuisinology" although there's already a .com domain reserved with that name.

A couple suggestions of my own:

The Daily Simmer
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Why don't you just use From Scratch? That sounds pretty strong.

Or just

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"Just Picked"?
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The Daily Dish
Bean Plate
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Yum Junkie
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I think simplicity is key. You clearly want this blog to be read, and read often, and perhaps even want it to be a resource for more than just the occasional Googler, otherwise you wouldn't be concerned overly with the title.

So, focus. What will you be writing about specifically? General food and cooking? Then pick a general name about food and cooking that is unique enough to get attention yet simple enough to be memorable ("Eat Yourself"). If you are going to focus on the "personal chef" aspect, then pick a name that's simple yet meets that goal ("They Ate It Up"). If you want to focus on a specific food type (like you did in your first example), then make that clear ("First Eats").

What I'm really saying is to not fall into the generic food blog, if you really wish this to mean something 1/3/5/10 years down the road. There are plenty of them and still room for the focused foodie to share specific thoughts.
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Go with your gut and pick the name you like best, that feels the most like "you." So yeah, I'm voting for Intoxicake. The fact that it's not a solely baking-oriented blog can be addressed in your "about me."
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Intoxicake is really good

Keep in mind that smittenkitchen or bakerina might not have seemed like great names, but their great content has made them so.
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I think From Scratch is great - and the domain is available, too...

It conjures an image of fresh, healthy and wholesome food - just what you want to advertise your personal chef services!
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Intoxicake is great, but I agree with you and others that it is too specific for the actual domain/blog title.

If your baking is strong with the force, consider making that a weekly feature though.

I think you should focus on something with scratch in title. If "From Scratch" is available and stays that way - go for it.
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One Stick of Blog
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  • 1/2 cup of stormpooper's suggestion
  • 1/2 cup of HST
  • shake well

  • The Yum Diaries
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    Ravenous (there is a movie by that name, and a few restaurants...but no blogs...at least not in the first page of a google search)

    Oops...looks like there is a 'Curiously Ravenous'
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