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What is the best blog out there annotating and providing context for understanding Tremé?

David Simon's HBO series Tremé, like his previous series The Wire, immerses the viewer in an environment without spelling out all of the specific local references. Does anyone have a blog that takes apart the New Orleans references and contextualizes the episodes?
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Best answer: Blog of New Orleans has a couple pretty thorough write-ups of the first episode (first one here: You can also find lots of links and reviews aggregated here:
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Best answer: Dave Walker from the New Orleans Times-Picayune is doing just that as part of's Treme Blog. The episode one post is HBO's 'Treme' explained: 'Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?
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Response by poster: Thanks, schleppo and andrewraff. Those links are just what I'm looking for. Here is another that I found.
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It's not a blog, but I found Ned Sublette's The Year Before the Flood fascinating and useful for understanding the context of New Orleans, both historically and musically. You can skip past the first half, which is all memoir-ish stuff (I found it interesting but its relevance to you may vary).
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The aggregated blog schleppo linked to mentions Alan Sepinwall, but as far as i can tell, it only points to his NJ column, not his excellent blog. (link goes to Treme posts, but I read him for Lost, The Pacific, and several comedies, too)
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Response by poster: Here are my last additional links, one against Tremé, the other responding in its defense.
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Response by poster: I spoke too soon. Here's a great one that is specifically about the show's music.
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