Career change ideas?
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Job ideas for a burned out teacher (preferably in Burlington, VT)?

My boyfriend has been a teacher in the Bronx for the past few years, and he doesn't enjoy his job, but feels like he has to return to it due to (1) the pay and (2) an inability to come up with alternate careers to pursue.

Does anyone have any ideas? He loves the outdoors and would love for his work to somehow incorporate nature, though he doesn't have any real training in it per se. Some other interests include human rights, international relations/foreign policy, and reading.

We may stay in NYC next year, but I'm contemplating a move to Burlington, VT, so ideas for jobs there would be extra helpful. (I was disheartened by reading some earlier posts about how it is hard to find a job in Burlington if you're not a teacher/nurse etc. etc.)
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Does Burlington have anything like Outward Bound or NOLS?
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Can he teach at one of those environmental justice schools (Putney, etc?) that they have up there? Or get a job at some local college/community college?
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As a former resident of Burlington, I can tell you that jobs aren't easy to find and "fun" jobs like the one that it sounds like he would be interested in are popular in BTV. I have technical skills and I couldn't find any FT job like what you're describing in ~3 years of job hunting there.

I'd recommend that he subscribe to a Burlington, VT alert at and see what pops up.
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I used to be a teacher. It was a career that I liked quite a bit, and I was very successful working as an educator overseas.

I returned to Canada in 2004 and due to a number of circumstances was unable to find work as a teacher.

I had done freelance business writing for several years and was somehow able to leverage that into a speechwriting job in the government town where we live.

Later on I volunteered with an industry association (writing articles for their in-house magazine) and they hired me as a project manager. A couple of years later I was hired as a business development officer by a government agency in the same space (and was unfortunately laid off in November).

I guess my advice is leverage your skills with your passion. I am a writer, and I'm passionate about tech companies. I searched for organizations that would need my help.

You also have to be business-minded - how will you add value to an organization?
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He should check out Vermont Youth Conservaton Corps.
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Have you checked out the Northeast Organic Farming Association? I have frequently seen outdoor-educator/youth worker positions there.
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