I can haz cheap coat?
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I'm a man who's decided to buy a new wool coat, and I've got six months to do it. Where can I find the largest variety of single-breasted black wool coats and when during the year will I get the best prices?

I've done some looking already - I've been unimpressed with the local supply at used clothing stores and on E-Bay. Basically, I'm looking for a single-breasted coat, buttons only (no snaps or zippers), with plenty of insulation on the inside, about 3/4 length. I roughly wear a men's size L. I'd like to spend no more than $100.
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(I'm assuming that you live in the northern hemisphere in a part of the world that has regular, changing seasons. If either of those assumptions is untrue, reverse or alter my advice accordingly.)

You'll get the best prices about three months ago. Seasonal items like this appear in stores two to three months before a season begins and go on sale at the end of the season. For winter, that means January. If you need to buy in the next six months, you'll likely find the best selection at the very end of that period, in September or October. However, coats will be at full price then and won't begin to go on sale until mid to late November. In other words, largest variety and lowest prices don't happen at the same time, and neither are happening now.
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This is nice. And Overstock is always my go-to place when I'm looking for something specific rather then wandering around thrift/secondhand stores (which is where I found MY awesome wool coat for 20 bucks that turned out to be a 1920s antique, but that requires a level of commitment to lurking in used clothing stores)
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Since you've got the entire summer to do it, I'd wait until you get out of the district (assuming you're still there) and try a few thrift stores. Wool overcoats will be plentiful anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon, and can be had for ~$10. Maybe take a road trip and make a habit out of visiting small town salvation army stores.
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Check Sierra Trading Post (sierratradingpost.com). They've got random things that you'd have a hard time finding otherwise (English made Duffle Coats for example). Most of it fairly cheap and good quality.
Their stock rotates so it might be worth keeping an eye on. Also, they tend to have good (20-25%) coupons frequently.
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Try Syms. They may still have overcoats, and they're good for the very traditional type of thing you're looking for.
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Response by poster: FOLLOWUP: So, I'm in the process of hunting a London Fog car coat. Younkers turned out to be especially helpful, but the stock varies dramatically by season.
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