Does anybody know what happened to the Rachel Perry lip balm line?
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Does anybody know what happened to the Rachel Perry lip balm line?

I grew up with my mom buying the Mint Tingle variety from local stores near our home town in Santa Cruz County, California. She bought me the Banana-Coconut flavor a couple years ago, that I still have. I don't use it around my boyfriend because he hates coconut, so she asked if I could have it. I'd like to buy her some more since she says she can't find it, but in my limited internet research I have only found discontinued items.

Does anybody know if the entire line was discontinued or if there is a Rachel Perry website I'm not finding?
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I forgot to mention that the lip balm is called "Rachel Perry Lip Lover"
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It seems like Rachel Perry stuff has disappeared from stores in L.A. as well. But a Google Shopping search reveals that some things are still available.

Fifteen bucks for lip balm, though? Ouch!
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You can find it here for less than $3. Linked to "mint tingle" but the banana-coconut variety is available as well.
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