How can I record calls easily on my cell phone?
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I'm looking for a device or setup that will allow me to record calls on a cell phone (preferably using the 2.5" headset jack). Radio shack seems to have recently discontinued their Wireless Phone Recording Controller, Cat. #17-855, which is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Can anyone point me to a similar item?

I want to conduct some family history interviews, but my family is spread out all over the country, so I'll need to do some of them over the phone. I already have an MP3 digital audio recorder, and I'd like to connect it to my cell phone via the headset jack and speak using a headset.

I've Googled and searched Amazon, but I can only seem to find devices for wired phones or awkward-seeming earbud/microphone combinations that would prevent headset use.
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Depending on the phone you could use in-phone software to record calls. Alternatively use VoIP or Skype? It seems a lot easier to do the recording with a software phone in general. Remember to ask for permission, it's illegal in some jurisdictions to record a call without asking.
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There are several of the radio shack devices on ebay. Just search for "Wireless Phone Recording Controller".
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There's also this (Olympus). I use it myself, decent quality. Probably lower quality than plug in solutions, though. And you have to keep you phone on the same ear during the entire call too, ldo ;)
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Google voice will let you record any call.
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Google Voice lets you record calls. At the beginning of the phone call, there is a recorded message that announces that the phone call is being recorded.
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