Death, Taxes, and Identity Theft
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My tax return was sent to the wrong address. What should I do?

My accountant accidentally sent my tax return to the wrong address. The address is in my neighborhood. The accountant has not received it back in the mail. Being that this document contains essentially all of my personal information, what should I do now?

I will certainly be going over to that address to ask whoever may live there if they have it. What else? My main concern is having my identity stolen.
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The first thing to do might be to ask your accountant what he/she is going to do to remedy the error.
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If you're concerned about getting your tax return itself, I should think your accountant would have kept a copy (and can make you another one).

I think the risk of identity theft is low, if it was just mailed to some random person. The odds that the recipient is an identity thief are vanishingly small. If it had been stolen from your mailbox, THEN you'd have some reason for concern.

Stopping by the other home to explain and ask for it back is perfectly normal and understandable.
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