How can I consolidate 3 devices to 2?
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Too many devices question......[mi]

Ok, I have a palm, a phone and now a blackberry.

Here's my problem. In my current job, I only had my palm and phone. With the palm linked to my laptop via MS Outlook.

However, I have just gotten an additional job. In my new job they have given me a blackberry -- primarily for email.

I need to find a way to consolditate all my information (contacts and schedule) from three devices into two. Is there an easy way to do this? Is there a good online resource, like Plaxo (?), that would accomplish this goal?
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If you received a Blackberry 5180, it can act as a phone, though it's not as pretty as the Blackberry 7100t. Of course, there are a number of Palm phone options you could consider as well, including the Treo 600 series.

As for a basic, software-based solution, the Blackberry can sync with Outlook much like your Palm does. If you're not using the Palm for anything else, the 'berry could become your new PDA.
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I've heard only good things about the new Treos. Next time I have to replace either my Palm or my Phone I think I'll get one.
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I went from palm to berry for all contacts and memos and lists etc when I got a blackberry at work. There aren't as many cool add-ons, but the contacts thingie on the blackberry is extremely cool and very searchable. I sometimes even look stuff up on my blackberry when I have Outlook open on the desktop.
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