How to pass the time?
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What holiday games can you recommend for a week's holiday for three friends?

So next week we're goin on a cycling holiday in the Norfolk broads (2 guys, 1 girl). I'm imagining that we can have some sort of ongoing parlour game to pass the time as we cycle. Something kind of like mafia, but that might take a few days in total, only playing occasionally. Are there such games?
Ay thoughts?
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Each one draws the name of someone else and a random word - clearly, someone else has to prepare the words for you. The point of the game is to get your person to say your word. If you succeed before he's taken out his "person", his person becomes your next objective.

Since you're so few people, you can each draw two names and two words, and then it's kind of like, everyone against everyone.
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I think if you look up websites with some of the classic car games that people play while driving, you may be able to adapt them to biking. Here are some that I remember:

If you are cycling in city/town areas (instead of nature) look on signs for all the letters of the alphabet in order.

Play word games - pick a category (plants, people, etc) and each person names one that starts with the last letter of the previous word: tulip, potato, orchid, etc. Make it harder: you have to find things in your landscape which start with the correct letter.

Come up with a playlist of broadway tunes and sing out at top volume. This could be on your own or via an mp3 player with a speaker.

Play Song Cues: during conversation, whenever someone says something that reminds you of a song, burst out singing. Be sure to define a GAME OVER mechanism or this will drive you crazy (don't ask how I know that).

20 questions.

Cooperative stories - you start with a sentence and each person adds to it one sentence at a time.

At random times, you can declare: Race you to the next (whatever is in the distance).

If the area you are going is famous for something (red barns, towns with odd names, cheese, etc) make a game to be the first to identify the next one that you pass. Or to identify a sign that DOESN'T mention the famous thing.

Decide in advance on a list of items that you might be likely to see on the trip and give points for every one you see. Make some items harder than others, and therefore worth more points. Keep score verbally out loud; argue over who forgot the score.

My dad's favorite game: Trappist Monk. They took a vow of silence, you see. So the first one to make a noise loses. Usually only good for about a minute or two of peace, but sometimes that's enough.

If you're not actually related, you probably can't play Annoy Your Sister Until She Cries and Mom Makes You Sit Right Next to Her So You Can't Get Into Any More Trouble, but that's usually a favorite on all the car rides I've ever been on.
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