Boxers, without looking like a boxer.
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Men's underwear filter: I went from boxers to boxer-briefs long ago because I hated how my boxers were always riding up on me. But I miss the 'breathing room' of boxers. Is there any way I can go back to boxers but solve the riding up problem?
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Try a different brand. I've settled on my favorite after a few brand experiments. Some ride up. Some stretch out. Some are too loose and ride low. Some have the button hole right on the "wiener gateway" too low so Mr. Happy pops out of it, which is unpleasant.

Just try a few brands and see which fits you.
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I've found that with boxers it is usually because the elastic is too tight. Try one with a looser band.
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There are several (mostly higher-end) underwear makers making sort of in-between, slimmer-fitting boxers that are not tight, but are meant to be fitted enough not to ride up in, say, skinny jeans. Here's a CK version, and here's a 2(x)ist version. If price is an issue (these are a little spendy), you can often find designer underwear at discount stores for half price or so, if you're willing to look around. Unfortunately, I don't think the cheap brands really make anything other than the circus-tent, eight-yards-of-fabric style.
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had good experience with the hilfiger boxer shorts, cost about 20 euros (in europe) but totally worth it. I could buy 4 pairs of 5 euro boxers and never wear them because theyre uncomfortable, but these i wear as often as i can! Definitely a good investment!
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I think that's the key, looking for some kind of fitted boxer or slim fit boxer. Next time I need a new pair of underwear I'll give them a try!
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I've been liking the pouched boxer-briefs. Best of both worlds. The seem to tend toward pricey though.
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I only wear J Crew rugby briefs and loving it

Here they are
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I find that flannel boxers ride up less than plain cotton.
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