Japanese classes in Los Angeles, that go beyond これは ほん です。
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Recommendations for learning Japanese in Los Angeles that go beyond the basics?

I'm in Los Angeles and would like to pick up studying Japanese where I left off many years ago. As a kid, I went to Japanese school on Saturdays and was pretty fluent in both the spoken and written languages. Of course, by the time I was pretty fluent, it was a totally *uncool* thing to do and, as teenagers do, I gave in to peer pressure and quit. Fast forward 30 years later, and I am kicking myself.

I've found similar schools to the one I attended, but these are of course aimed at kids. I took a few semesters in college but was bored to tears, because most of what was taught I'd already learned years ago.

So, I'm wondering what other options there are other than private tutoring (up for consideration) or online learning (not my favorite) that I may have overlooked. Advanced university-level courses are typically during the day, when old folks like myself are working. Community college and university extension courses are too basic. What other options are there?

Bonus points to anyone who can recommend a tutor that they have worked with,
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I have a friend who is taking private tutoring from a Japanese language school, in order to prepare for going to graduate school in Japan. I believe the language school also offers group classes. This is somewhere in the North Hollywood area ... I will let you know when I get more information from him. I've asked him about it recently, and he's having a great time and has a great private tutor.
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Hanging out at the japanese mall downtown (4th/alameda) might be good for brushing up on the conversational japanese...the new grocery store there is pretty awesome, btw...
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Xere, I would love more information - thank you! Sounds exactly like what I've been looking for.

sexyrobot - I used to chat up the staff at the bookstore in J-town for practice :) I haven't been in that area for a long time, but I keep hearing that it's more Korean and less Japanese these days - any truth to that?
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Watch anime!
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The 3rd/Alameda mall has been apparently purchased by a Korean group, and the Japanese grocery store in the basement was replaced with what I assume is a Korean grocery, but there are still Japanese things in that mall. I find the whole mall to have a kind of bummer vibe, to be honest.
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actually, the mall has been rebounding of late, since the re-opening of the grocery store (they added a second floor of housewares and such)...it's still japanese...the bookstore moved around the corner to that strip about 2 blocks east...where the outdoor statue of the space shuttle is...
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Just found out from my friend. It's the OSULA Education Center in Studio City.
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