Scratch pad for Chrome?
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Simple notepad extension for Chrome that syncs (like a bookmark?).

Chrome Notepad doesn't work. I need something that lets me write down a quick note and read it from any other computer. Does it exist? Not Remember The Milk, I don't need it to have an Iphone app, something really simple.
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Evernote may be what you're looking for.
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I use Evernote myself - you can share notes across multiple computers. Evernote also has a great mobile app.
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Evernote, Writeboard and Google Notebook are still too much. Whine: I don't really want to go to a web site. I just want to click a button in the browser toolbar, write something down, then look at it later from a different computer.
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You're asking for magic.

Computers aren't that smart yet. Maybe one day when we have Star Trek levels of technology, but until then, you will need to either physically move the data (on a USB drive etc.) or visit a web page.

Write Board really does what you need, the only difference between Write Board and what you ask for is that you need to type in a password.
Step 1. Create a write board.

Step 2. Bookmark write board.

Step 3. Bookmark same write board at other computer.
You're done. Click the bookmark, type in the password and you have access to the same "notepad" from anywhere.

I've done step 1 for you. Drag the following link to your bookmarks bar:

Scratch Pad

password "scratch pad"

(note: anyone that reads this will have access to this write pad, so you may want to create your own step 1.)
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Bonus Step 4. Tell your browser to remember cookies from and you may not need to type in your password as often.
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simplenote has an extension for chrome. you don't need an iPhone.
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It was Evernote.
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