What are your favorite comedy film shorts?
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What are your favorite funny film shorts? (under ten minutes long! )

I'm asking because sometimes you just need a quick laugh and it'd be cool to have a little collection of them. The other reason is that a buddy and I are thinking of doing a video short and inspiration is a Very Good Thing. Low budget shoestring stuff that looks and sounds good gets extra points.
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Simon's Cat is amusing.
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Almost all of Pixar shorts are comedies. And they're pretty much all great.

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This is pretty hilarious, it purports to be an interview with a man who writes rants for celebrity professional athletes for a living.

He gets a little misty-eyed when he talks about what a thrill it is to watch his words "come alive".
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The Good Neighbor stuff crew really crack me up. One of my favorites is "Is My Roommate Gay?"
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The Cat Came Back. I needed to turn up my computer's speakers louder than normal to hear the song. YMMV
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Can I get Your Number? Just watch this. And laugh
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Brad Neely is the funniest person working in new media. It is not even a close race. He can tell more story in 30 seconds than most talented people can tell in 30 minutes, and more jokes in 2:30 than most writers can muster their entire careers. He creates goddamn miraculous worlds and nuanced, lovable characters and funny songs and it is a personal failing of our way of life that we haven't built a pyramid or some shit for him yet.
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Timmy's Wish made me laugh to hard that I fell in love with my boyfriend (one of the writers/performers) a year before I even met him. (Warning: seriously NSFW if your work frowns on blasphemy and cursing.)
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Je t'aime John Wayne, which is very funny if you like French cinema, and maybe not so funny if you don't.

Used to be on YouTube, dunno where it went.
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Some of the below links are SFW, but not all of them. So there.

Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship fame adapted this comic into a low-budget, live-action short starring himself.

A few sci-fi inspired ones in case you're a geek like me...
If you like Star Trek, you'll love the Jandrew Edits (my favorites: 1|2|3).
If Star Wars is more your cup of tea, Jedi Gym is a very informative documentary.
Not into either? Terminator 2 Sweded: Low Budgment Day is incredible.

If you're not into sci-fi, you might love Master Prankers from the guys at Waverly Films.

Or Pete and Brian's Two Guys Who Spend Too Much Time Together, Fact Checkers (with Bill Murray), Serious Actors, and the hilariously dark Knock Knock.

I also recommend anything at Channel 101, especially...
Kicked in the Nuts! (from pre-Family-Guy Mike Henry)
The 'Bu (classic The Lonely Island, watch the whole series)
Sockbaby (from the visionary mind of Doug TenNapel)

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Minuscule, without a doubt. Often rather basic humour, lots of repetition, but very well done, and very funny.

Difficult to actually buy outside France - I had to ask a holidaying friend to get me the box set since the 'English' site directed me to an online shop that refused to ship to the UK, but it was worth it.

I discovered Minuscule thanks to joannemerriam's post to Metafilter: The Ladybug Always Wins
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Oops, "The 'Bu" was supposed to link here!
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Three of my favourites:
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I know the most recent Wallace and Gromit one was more like half an hour long, but Aardman may have other ones that are shorter. They're just so full of detail.
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Oh, that's just the trailer. Here's the full "Duel" vid.
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Another vote for "Rejected." Also "Billy's Balloon," and really anything by Don Hertzfeldt.
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I always thought Barats and Bereta were pretty good, especially their older stuff. Their stuff has a homemade feel while still being decently funny. Some highlights:

The Good Word
Mother's Day
Uncalled For
Two Scoops
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Making Fiends
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Oktapodi, which is animated but still quite amusing to me.
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"Bambi Meets Godzilla" Short and silly, but I used to run it regularly before the main feature when I owned a movie theater, and it always got a laugh.

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Sorry, seem to have lost the link to "Bambi." It's on YouTube. Guess I need to read the How To section.
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The Big Snit is funny and sweet.
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Tales of Mere Existence by Lev Yilmaz.
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Schwartzfahrer might not qualify as "comedy", but it's quite good.
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1300cc has always entertained me pretty well.
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Maybe a little out of season, but The Christmas Tree never fails to crack me up.
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Be sure to check out the tragicomedic stylings of TedCrusty on YouTube. Individually, his videos are odd and wtf-inducing. But if you watch enough of them, you'll start to appreciate the bizarre imagination behind them.
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