looking for a web host that also has IMAP email access...
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I am looking for a web host that also has IMAP email access. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I would like at least 1 GB of storage. All I read is horror stories and none of the rating sites seem very reputable. Could you please post your recommendations?
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I couldn't be happier with TextDrive. TextDrive really is a different kind of hosting and they more than live up to the hype -- you can find cheaper hosting but I doubt you find very much that compares favorably in terms of features and support. Turn around time on support tickets is about three minutes, though once, at 3AM, it took ten.
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I've been using Tronictech for a little over a year now, and I'm happy with them.
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Standard answers: Dreamhost if you want cheap, Pair if you want to pay. But any web hosting company that does emaiil should have IMAP, since it's just software. So I would advise looking through the past posts on the subject for general web hosting suggestions.
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Is this for personal hosting of one account, or is it for hosting multiple accounts?

If you already have a host and you're looking for a way to give one of your accounts IMAP access, I'd happily recommend aliencamel.com, which is essentially a server-side antispam service. It has a mechanism to check another email account through POP and then run the email through the AC spam filters. Somewhat more usefully (to me) AC provides unlimited IMAP storage space. It's not free (I think it's $15/6months), but it's well worth the money.

(Sorry if that's a tangent from what you intended, but I wasn't sure exactly what you were looking for, so I hope it helps!)
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Dreamhost has an amazing deal going at the moment -- $10 for an entire year, including a free domain registration -- if you use a coupon code. They do IMAP, give you 600 email accounts, and 2.4 Gb storage.

Details of the coupon code are at my site, which is linked in my profile, if you're interested.
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I have been using FastMail.FM for the last 18 months. They offer a free option and several levels of paid access, configurable junk mail filtering, multiple aliases, rules, and a lot more. IMAP access through Thunderbird works well, and the web interface is very efficient and quite usable. The Enhanced account level ($39/year) allows for storage of up to 2 GB of email (you can pay for access to even more if need be).
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Stavros, thank you, I just signed up for a year via your site, and left you as a reference. That is a stupid-good deal, and although I can't use all the space yet, I am happy to have mysql, MT, etc. at my disposal. in a while I'll start reviewing all the science fiction I pick up at yard sales - www.junksf.com has now been registered.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I ended up keeping Go Daddy as the DNS administrator because I like their controls. I went with DreamHost for my hosting (sorry starvos - I had another friend recommend them) and went with FastMail.FM for my email (jeff - I gave you the credit).
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